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August 26 & 27 at Comedy Heights!

This Friday at Bay Bridge Brewing 8PM! Patrick Deguire with Jason Cheny, Kurt Swann, Al Gavi and guest host Janice Remland This Saturday at Twiggs Coffeehouse 8PM! Rachel McDowell with Kurt Swann, Mike Devore, Tony Calabrese...


Saturday August 20 at Twiggs Coffeehouse!

This week at Twiggs Coffeehouse Green Room, Comedy Heights presents Nick Cobb and Bijan Mostafavi! Nick and Bijan are no strangers to stage and screen; they’ve made the rounds with clubs, appeared on cable and...


Friday August 19 at Bay Bridge Brewing!

This week at Bay Bridge Brewing, Comedy Heights presents Allison Gill! Allison is a San Diego Comedy mainstay, having roots in building the scene going all the way back to 2003. She’s been voted...

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