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Get Swept Away with Mary Patterson Broome!

Get it?  Swept away…Broom(e)…yeah.  But it’s true–Mary Patterson Broome is headlining at Twiggs on Saturday, and she’s leading a huge lineup of amazing talent! As the temperature rises in San Diego this weekend, cool...

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A Look Ahead at Twiggs

The next two weeks are going to be huge at Twiggs.  If you’re setting your calendar, make sure to include one of our hilarious FREE shows! 3/14: Mary Patterson Broome is your headliner, with...

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Daniel Eachus is in the House!

The weekend has arrived and it’s time for some laughs!  Gas prices are rising, so we like to keep our high-octane comedy as affordable as possible.  As in free.  And that’s no joke! This...