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Saturday Oct 15 Twiggs Coffeehouse!

This Saturday at Twiggs Coffeehouse Green Room Comedy Heights presents Dustin Nickerson with Chet Sewell! Dustin brands himself as an “average guy” in comedy, but his well-crafted jokes and observations on being a 30-something white dude...

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October 14th & 15th at Comedy Heights!

This Friday at Bay Bridge Brewing 8PM! Albert Linton with Brian Blank, Alan Henderson, and Al Gavi! This Saturday at Twiggs Coffeehouse Greenroom 8PM! Dustin Nickerson with Chet Sewell, Michael Castleberry, Al Gavi and guest host...

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Saturday July 9th at Twiggs: Johnny Loquasto & Joseph DePaul!

This week at Twigg’s Coffeshop Green Room, Comedy Heights presents Jonny Loquasto & Joseph DePaul! Loquasto will be rocking his observational style while Joseph brings a little enchantment to Twiggs with his comedy magic. Comedy Heights can’t skimp on...