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August 31st at Bay Bridge Brewing! Aidan Park!

This Friday, 8PM at Bay Bridge Brewing! Aidan Park! Aidan performs comedy at some of the most respected comedy clubs in Hollywood including Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv and has a monthly show “Rainbow Pop” at...


Friday August 24th at Bay Bridge Brewing!

This Friday, 8PM at Bay Bridge Brewing! Amazing LA-based roast comedian Connor McSpadden comes to the best little brewery in Chula Vista!  He hosts the scripted comedy podcast “Mean Boys” on the Starburns Audio network. He’s...


August 23rd to 25th on Comedy Heights!

Connor Spadden comes to rock the Heights this weekend! This Thursday at  Valentin’s Bar and Grill 7PM! Connor McSpadden with David Dorward, Matt Stanton and Adam Connie! This Friday at Bay Bridge Brewing 8PM! Connor McSpadden...

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