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Comedian Spotlight: Bronston Jones

This Friday at Bay Bridge Brewing, Comedy Heights proudly presents Bronston Jones! This week we’re bringing in brilliant jokes on a huge 6’7″ frame. Bronston has been called “certifiably unique” by LA weekly and has...


November 18th & 19th Week at Comedy Heights!

This Friday at Bay Bridge Brewing 8PM! Bronson Jones with Charlene Mae, Brian Riley, Maria Herman, Al Gavi and host Cat Alvarado This Saturday at Twiggs Coffeehouse 8PM!DATE, MARRY or KILL with Laura Hayden, Charlene...


Saturday November 12th at Twiggs Coffeehouse!

This Saturday at Twiggs Coffeehouse 8PM! Sean Williams,  Jaleesa Johnson, Manish Gupta, Shaun Arrendondo, and Adam Connie! It’s time to get out and celebrate: election news coverage is finally over! No more insult-hurling, negative attack...

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