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Al Gavi

Gavi is the Co-Producer of Comedy Heights. He started as a comic at the National Comedy Theater, San Diego’s longest running show. His friendly Latin style makes him a favorite for all audiences, which is why he’s booked for private events over and over again. Gavi has performed for the troops, is a popular addition to shows in Las Vegas and LA.




Maria Herman

Herman is the Co Producer of Comedy Heights and San Diego’s only Australian Comedian. She has performed all over the world, from Australia to India, Europe and the UK. She’s a voice over specialist and former journalist who has appeared on Dr Phil, San Diego’s UTTV Comic Strip and performs for the troops, fundraisers and corporate events all over the country, including the World’s Largest Air Show “EAA Air Venture”.  Click here to visit Maria Herman’s website.


Phan, DatDat Phan

Phan is the original winner of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” He has performed all over the world and has done many national tours. He has appeared in several movies, including “108 Stitches” and “The Hungover Games.” Phan knows how to work a room with his high energy performances. Click here to visit Dat Phan’s website.


taylor tomlinsonTaylor Tomlinson

Tomlinson is SOCAL’s rising female comic extraordinaire. She’s made the finals to Last Comic Standing and is the regular host of ‘Laughs’ on Fox!  Her comedy is fresh, edgy and consistently hilarious. She headlined for the first time at the ripe old age of 19 at Comedy Heights.  Click here to visit Taylor Tomlinson’s website.


Ogata, PaulPaul Ogata

This international headliner is the winner of the 32nd annual San Francisco International Comedy Competition. His quickfire comedic style and animated expressions make for a great show where anything can (and probably will) happen. He has been featured on Comedy Central and Showtime. Click here to visit Paul Ogata’s website.


Rontowski, Karen

Karen Rontowski

Rontowski is a comic, a Reiki, a tarot reader, and a paranormal investigator all wrapped into one larger than life personality! She has performed on Letterman and ComedyCentral. Even with her psychic ability, you never know what will happen when she hits the stage. Click here to visit Karen Rontowski’s website.


Egan-JesseJesse Egan

Winner of San Diego’s Funniest Person contest, comedian Jesse Egan has opened for Dane Cook, Doug Stanhope, and Chris D’Elia and is the current host of Tonight in San Diego. You can see Jesse’s nationally televised spots on KPBS TV and he’s also appeared on Union Tribune TV, Fox Rox TV, and in the documentary film Stage Time. Jesse performs stand-up all over the country, co-hosts two podcasts:Comics Talk Comedy, and Sordid Tales the Podcast, and in his free time he enjoys hollering “Yey Yayee” like Ice Cube at inappropriate times. Click here to visit Jesse Egan’s website.


Norelli, AndrewAndrew Norelli

Norelli is an international headliner who’s made the rounds of all of the late- and late-late-shows, appearing multiple times on The Tonight Show, Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live. He is the winner of the inaugural Las Vegas World Series of Comedy, and he has performed corporate comedy shows for Google and Yahoo. Click here to visit Andrew Norelli’s website.


Dilorinzo, FrancesFrances DiLorinzo

DiLorinzo is not only proof that women are funny, but she also proves that women can do physical humor just as well as the guys. Her bit about “homemade implants” leaves every crowd gasping for air. DiLorinzo tours nationally and has appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing as well as Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County. Click here to visit Frances DiLorinzo’s website.


Kassas, ZoltanZoltan Kaszas

Zoltan started doing standup at 19 and he hasn’t looked back since. Zoltan turn personal stories and anecdotes into comedy gems, making him easily relatable. He’s the winner of the 2014 San Diego Comedy Fest and the 2013 San Diego’s Funniest Person contest. Click here to visit Zoltan Kaszas’s website.


Knowles, EricErik Knowles

Knowles is a father and a retired Marine, and his stories from the battlefields of step-fatherhood are just as funny as his stories about being the funny guy in boot camp. Knowles is immediately relatable and incredibly likable. He’s performed with everyone from Sarah Silverman to Jon Lovitz, and he has been a finalist in the 2010 World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas as well as the California Comedy Festival. Read more


Hayden, LauraLaura Hayden

Hayden is a medical professional as well as a standup comic. Dr. Laura is widely known for mixing remedies for stress and burnout in her comedy routines so that audiences can learn while laughing. A trip to the doctor has never been so fun! Click here to visit Laura Hayden’s website.


Lawrence, Mark ChristopherMark Christopher Lawrence

You’ve seen Lawrence in his role as “Big Mike” on NBC’s Chuck, but there is so much more to Mark Christopher Lawrence than meets the eye. Lawrence is a guy’s guy who draws in audiences with his observations about food, the gym, and life in general. He tours all over the country and has appeared on Glee, Heroes, Seinfeld, and My Name is Earl. Click here to visit Mark Christopher Lawrence’s website.


Broome, Mary PattersonMary Patterson Broome

This Southern Belle was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, and she brings her Southern charm along wherever she goes. She’s currently the co-host of the podcast “Homeo and Juliet” with fellow comic Jason Romaine. Click here to visit Mary Patterson Broome’s website.


Calabrese, TonyTony Calabrese

Known as America’s Funniest Banker, this Italian-American lover of Patron has been a fixture of the San Diego comedy scene for more than twenty years. He’s a 2014 finalist in the Las Vegas World Series of Comedy – beating out 4000 other comedians for a spot in the final 8. He’s the winner of the 2013 Flappers Ultimate Countdown Competition, a regular in Las Vegas, and throughout SOCAL. Comedy Heights endorses Tony as a tutor to up and coming comedians who want to learn the ropes. Click here to visit Tony Calabrese’s website.


Milner, AnitaAnita Milner

This septuagenarian is full of surprises. At first glance she’s anyone’s grandmother, but when she starts talking you quickly realize that this lady isn’t holding back. She discusses everything from today’s youth and her young grandson to stories of her late husband. Nothing is off-limits with Milner! Click here to visit Anita Milner’s website.


Clobber, ChrisChris Clobber

“Zooman” Chris Clobber has appeared on Comedy Central, HBO, Fox, ABC just to name a few. When comedians walk one way, he walks the other. He’s a regular headliner in Las Vegas. He is widely known for his animal noises and “anything can happen” performances. Read more Click here to visit Chris Clobber’s website.


Mostafavi, BijanBijan Mostafavi

Mostafavi is the winner of the World Series of Comedy San Diego 2015, Temecula Comedy Contest and the SoCal Comedy Contest. Mostafavi recently opened for Dana Carvey at The Comedy Palace.


Deguire, PatrickPatrick Deguire

Deguire’s comedy career started after he lost a significant portion of his vision to a disease called optic neuritis. Now his condition is the butt of his jokes as he makes light of seeing the world through limited vision. Deguire won the Improv/Harrahs National Comedy Club Talent Search, and he has also appeared on multiple television shows. Deguire has also taken his act on the road to entertain the troops everywhere from Guantanamo Bay to Iraq to Bahrain. Click here to visit Patrick Deguire’s website.

Atrushi, Matin

Matin Atrushi

Atrushi has over 12 million hits on You Tube and has appeared in the Sci Fi Channel.He has been performing standup since he was 24 and he enjoys showing people that Middle Eastern people also have a sense of humor and like to laugh. A lot. Click here to visit Matin Atrushi’s website.

Barbolak, Vicki

Vicki Barbolak

Barbolak is the 2007 winner of Nickelodeon’s “Funniest Moms in America” contest, and she is the first winner of the California’s Funniest Female contest in 2004. She’s heralded as a modern-day Phyllis Diller who has headlined all over the country.

Bilodeau, Jeff

Jeff Bilodeau

Bilodeau has his own weekly show at Winston’s in Ocean Beach. He has been performing for over five years and has opened for Pauly Shore, Rob Delaney and many more. Bilodeau is a three-time finalist in San Diego’s Funniest Person contest.


Bratcher, DeweyDewey Bratcher

Bratcher’s standup career started at a young age when he roasted his entire 8th grade class; eventually he applied and was accepted to the Baltimore School for the Arts, where he studied theater. After leaving the Navy, Bratcher returned to his comedy roots and started performing all over Southern California. His production group, Crew II, hosts regular comedy shows at the American Comedy Company. Bratcher was the winner of Ocean Beach’s Funniest Person contest.


 Bruner, SteveSteve Bruner

Steve Bruner’s observations about modern life make him a hit with any audience. He has performed on “An Evening at the Improv” (A&E) and the Comedy Club Network on Showtime. George Carlin said that “Clean, smart and funny define Steve.” Click here to visit Steve Bruner’s website.

Burford, SarahSarah Burford

Burford is a born comedienne. After serving in the Navy, Burford started performing stand up and she hasn’t looked back. She’s a beloved fixture in the LGBT community; she has performed at San Diego Pride and the monthly Laugh Out Proud shows. Click here to visit Sarah Burford’s website.

  Chappell, KatsyKatsy Chappell

Chappell was voted Entertainer of the Year by the Bob Hope USO shows, and she’s entertained troops in the Middle East and Africa. She’s a respected character actress whose credits include ‘True Lies’ and ‘Inspector Gadget’. She was also a semi-finalist on Star Search with Ed McMahon. Her high energy brand of comedy wins over audiences everywhere.  Click here to visit Katsy Chappell’s website.

 Gonzalez, MarkMark Gonzalez

Gonzalez is a native San Diegan from a large Latino family. Stories from his early years make up the heart of his act. He’s the winner of the prestigious Uncle Clyde’s Comedy Contest at the Ice House in Los Angeles. Gonzalez is a writer and performer with the Pearl Street Players, a comedy group based out of the Comedy Store in La Jolla. Click here to visit Mark Gonzalez’s website.


 Hewlett, JayJay Hewlett

Hewlett is a regular at the LA Comedy Store and Improv. According to Hewlett, he’s “in tune with the times and out of tune with everyone.” He has appeared on BET’s Comic View and the Showtime Comedy Club Network. Click here to visit Jay Hewlett’s website.

 Head_Shot_green.pagesSteve Heyl

A San Diego LGBT favorite, Steve is the only comedian  we know who’s performed at Burning Man. More recently he’s performed in Las Vegas and all over SOCAL. Click here to visit Steve Heyl’s website.


Hughes, Aaron

Aaron Hughes

This Canadian transplant is a funny guy. His tales of being a dad, husband, and an immigrant from our neighbor to the North make for great comedy fodder, don’t ya know? Click here to visit Aaron Hughes’s website.

 Kidd, JulieJulie Kidd

Kidd was recently crowned the “Hilarious Housewife” on The View. Her jokes have been featured everywhere from Good Housekeeping to Modern Mom Magazine, and her television credits include Dr. Phil, So You Think You Can Dance, and Nick @ Nite. She is known as the “Dysfunctional Housewife” in the popular comedy group Funniest Housewives. Click here to visit Julie Kidd’s website.

  Lawson, JoshJosh Lawson

 A San Diego favorite who tours Internationally helping people all over the world.

Manning, Gina

Gina Manning

Manning has performed in the Pretty Funny Women Showcase as well as California’s Funniest Female competition. She has deep roots in the San Diego comedy scene. Read more

Matta, Maher

Maher Matta

Matta has shot onto the San Diego comedy scene. No matter if he’s hosting or
performing, the crowds love his stories of being a lone Middle Eastern kid raised in the Deep South.


 McDowell, RachelRachel McDowell

McDowell loves to talk beauty. She takes the audience though a vision of what
society considers beauty to be only to arrive at the fact that people are fine just the way they
are. McDowell left her six-figure salary to pursue comedy, and the transition from corporate to comedy provides plenty of hilarity. Click here to visit Rachel McDowell’s website.

 Mclaughlin, DallasDallas McLaughlin

McLaughlin was recently featured in the San Diego Union Tribune as “the man who puts “multi” in multitasking.” As a lover of comedy, music and writing, McLaughlin has performed with the Aquabats, written for “Yo! Gabba Gabba” and he has contributed to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles and New York.


 Nickerson, DustinDustin Nickerson

Nickerson may be an “average” guy but his comedy is anything but! He talks about marriage, kids and culture, as well as what it’s like to be such an average person. He was a semi-finalist in San Diego’s Funniest Person contest, and the Las Vegas World Series of Comedy. He headlined for the very first time at Comedy Heights. Read more Click here to visit Dustin Nickerson’s website.


Rocky OsbornOsborn, Rocky

Osborn is the co-founder of Aces Comedy Club in Murrieta, and now 3rd Street Live. He is a seasoned magician as well as a comic, and he has been performing for more than 24 years.

Parker, Lang

Lang Parker

Parker shot to fame after appearing on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. She is the winner of the 2008 California’s Funniest Female contest. Parker has toured comedy clubs all over the nation and has entertained troops all over the world. Click here to visit Lang Parker’s website.


 Pedace, LisaLisa Pedace

Pedace is a regular at the Comedy Store in Hollywood and La Jolla. She was a finalist in the California’s Funniest Female contest and the Carnival Comedy Challenge. She also appeared on Monk and Veronica Mars. Click here to visit Lisa Pedace’s website.

Petrillo, Nick

Nick Petrillo

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Petrillo held the title of “most detentions” in his Christian Science 4th grade class. He has performed all over Southern California, including the Comedy Store, The Improv, and the Ice House.


Schumacher, Mark

Mark Schumacher

Schumacher is a teacher in Orange County. His students serve to inspire him, and they feature heavily in his act. He’s also a winner of Orange County’s Funniest Person. Click here to visit Mark Schumacher’s website.


 Sewell, ChetChet Sewell

Sewell is a teacher by day and comedy powerhouse (lightweight class) by night. Sewell is a fixture in the LGBT community in San Diego and has performed at SD Pride. He recently headlined the GLSEN comedy fundraiser. Read more

Sundstedt, Lisa

Lisa Sunstedt

Sunstedt is the founder of Pretty Funny Women, the longest running all-female comedy show in the country. She has appeared on countless television shows and commercials, and she has written for “Girls Behaving Badly” and the Chelsea Handler Show. Click here to visit Lisa Sunstedt’s website.

Swann, Kurt

Kurt Swann

Swann is the consummate performer and host. He has performed in shows all over the country and he has competed in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition. He is the host of “West Coast Funnies” and is a writer for the award-winning comic strip “Dustin.” Click here to visit Kurt Swann’s website.


 Wang, WallyWally Wang

Wang is a regular at The Comedy Store and he’s frequently performing in Las Vegas. He’s also a techie who has authored many humorous computer how-to books.


Weems, Robert

Robert Weems

Weems is a southern gentleman, transplanted from Atlanta to the sunny Southern California climes. He talks about everything from demographics, geographics, and what you can and can’t say to women in the workplace, and it’s all done in his trademark smooth style.


Remland, Janice White

Janice White Remland

Remland is Hawaii’s finest comedienne export. Her comedy career kicked off with improv more than 20 years ago. She’s a brilliant comic and a spectacular host. Her down to earth and keep it real style make her very easy to relate to and her audiences always love her.

Wright, Dave

Dave Wright

Wright came to San Diego from Delaware in 2000, and he has been a regular at the local comedy clubs, including Winston’s in Ocean Beach. He was featured by the San Diego Union Tribune in 2013.

Young, Brandon

Brandon Young

Young has been bringing his unconventional comedy to the masses since 2006. He was a finalist in the Rockstar Comedy Throwdown. Young is the co-director of the San Diego Comedy Festival and the San Diego Comedy Awards, and he’s also the co-owner of Legends Comedy Club in East San Diego. Click here to visit Brandon Young’s website.

Zagone, Heather Marie

Heather Marie Zagone

Zagone has performed for the troops on many occasions. Her signature Italian wit, coupled with tales from her tours of duty, make for comedy gold.

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