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Nick Petrillo Headlines at Reds TONIGHT!

Nick Petrillo is a funny guy.  It’s a good thing standup comedy is his line of work, because there are some jobs that just aren’t cut out for funny people.  (Proctology comes to mind)...


Big Laughs, No Fees this Thursday and Saturday!

Once again we have two big shows lined up this week at Comedy Heights.  This Thursday we’re thrilled to welcome Nick Petrillo to his first performance at Reds.  Nick brought the house down during...


Oh Yes, It’s Ladies Night TONIGHT at Twiggs!

It is ladies Night and the feeling’s right at Twiggs tonight with the Girl’s Show!  Mary Patterson Broome is headlining a huge cast of female comics, including Abby November, Kathleen Finney and Janice White...

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