Comedy Heights

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Coming Up November 28: Benji Garcia Reyes

Drown your post-Black Friday sorrows with some huge laughs from Comedy Heights! On November 28 we’re welcoming Benji Garcia Reyes, Alfonso Ochoa, Al Gavi, and special guest MC Wes Sample. Laughing is a surefire...

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Tonight at Twiggs: Aaron Hughes

He’s the funniest Canadian we know, and he’s also the funniest person on MySpace…because he’s the only person who still uses MySpace!  He’s Aaron Hughes, and he’s headlining tonight at Comedy Heights.  Aaron’s zany...

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Blame Canada for These Laughs!

Join us for some maple-leafed comedy from Aaron Hughes this Saturday at Twiggs. Aaron is a Comedy Heights favorite, and he’s joined by a huge lineup of talent, including the always hilarious Chet Sewell,...